Your child is about to make a huge first step toward independence and you want them as successful as possible. Applying to college can be a difficult and stressful process for a young student to go through. Choosing a school can be life changing, and the pressure of picking the right one is often overwhelming. Keeping track of the deadlines, applications, and essays can confuse a student and make keeping up with high school studies difficult.

Campus Selection can help a student select the college that will meet his/her needs.

Through the process Londa May will:

  • Meet with the family to determine the student’s goals
  • Help the student make choices for the right school
  • Keep the student on track and meet the application deadlines
  • Help with essays by brainstorming ideas and editing final copies
  • Make sure all paperwork is submitted to school such as: (teacher’s recommendations, SAT/ACT scores, loan/scholarship information) before the deadline