Why Use an Educational Consultant

Campus Selection is an educational guidance service that specializes in student’s individual educational needs. We help children and their parents or guardians choose a school or program to meets their specific needs. There are many reasons to work with an Educational Consultant when finding an alternative to public school:

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Campus Selection Process

A Step toward Change

Free telephone interview with an educational consultant
Office visit to meet with the family and assess the situation
Secures academic and behavioral history from schools and therapists
Assist with loans, scholarships and insurance if applicable
Selection of possibilities that work for the family are discussed
Monitor the progress of the student while enrolled in the school or program
Any additional support needed for the family

Londa May is available for other services for families that include:

  • Meeting with therapists, school staff or pastors
  • Appearing before court on behalf of the family
  • Transporting a student to a program
  • Testing students or referring out for additional testing
  • Providing Academic Testing
  • As a referral source for tutoring, counseling, or psychological testing